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High Slit Dress

High Slit Dress

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High Slit Dress

Raw Silk Ensemble, Sequinned Shrug, Tube Top Dress, Tie Knot Skirt, Black Evening Dress, Long Sleeve,

Sexy Sophisticated Look, Gala Wear, Elegance Personified.

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Step into the night with House Of Majisha Raw Silk High Slit Dress, a triumvirate of fashion-forward pieces that redefine evening elegance. The ensemble begins with a tube top that sets the stage for seductive sophistication, layered under a sequinned shrug that glitters with every move, capturing the light and the eyes of all around. The tie knot skirt weaves an intriguing narrative with its high slit, revealing just enough to intrigue but not too much, maintaining the delicate balance between allure and mystery. Each piece, a statement on its own, comes together to create an unforgettable outfit that's perfect for any high-profile event or gala where making a powerful fashion statement is key. The seamless blend of raw silk and sparkling sequins ensures that you're not just wearing a dress—you're owning the night, courtesy of House Of Majisha.

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